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Jordan is an Arab country located in Western Asia. Tourism is a foundationfor this country’s economy. Millions of tourists visit Jordan every year. As per the “Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities”;Jordan has 100,000 archaeological and tourist sites. If you want to enjoy holidaysin solitude, Jordan Touris the best escape you can plan. This country is a home to the amazing historical monuments, nature reserves, and coastline resorts. Also, the museums, traditional cities, and archaeological sites will make you fall in love with them.On the whole, Jordan Tripfor tourists will be very peaceful, friendly, and safe.

Long-timeback,Jordan is a home to Romans and Ottomans. So, Jordan Holidays will make you observe its rich antiquity and ethos filled with vibrancy. As a tourist, you will get a feel of the ancient times by visiting this country and perceive a lot of things. Cozmo travels will assist you in planning your Jordan Tripwithout much hassle. We shall take care of the complete needs such as booking your air tickets, visa assistance, hotel bookings, and also your local visits to the Jordan Attractions.


Jordan is a land of adventure, ruins, desert, and sea, which welcomes travellers with open arms to do various Jordan Activities. Tourists visiting the country must float and relax in the blue waters of Dead Sea. Enjoy the spectacular moment of Sunset at Tala Bay and we are sure that you will applaud the barren hills soaked in the sun colours. Take a road trip on the King’s Highwayand enjoy sightseeing.

Below are some of the to-do activities in your Jordan Tour.

  • Float in the Dead Sea
  • Scuba Diving
  • Desert Hikes
  • Snorkeling
  • Shopping at Amman
  • Sunset at Tala Bay
  • Rock Climbing
  • Drive on King’s Highway

Major Attractions

There are numerous attractions in Jordan which includes Wadi Rum, Amman, Petra, Mount Nebo, and more. Each place has its own history and beauty. Shawbak and Kerak Castles are the most pleasing stops and Jordan Attractionsinthe road trip along the King’s Highway. Do walk along the roads to know more about the Jordanian people and their culture to make your Jordan Toureven more wonderful.

Don’t forget to pay a visit for the below mentioned Jordan Attractions:

  • Explore Petra
  • Wadi Rum
  • Khazali and Burrah Canyon
  • Shobak Castle
  • Mount Nebo
  • King Abdullah Mosque
  • Royal Automobile Museum
  • Roman Theater

Must try foods

Without any question, the most favourite dish among all the Jordanian foodis Mansaf. It’s considered as the National dish of the country. Try it as many times as possible in your Jordan Holidays and savour the deliciousness of it. Drink the Turkish coffee/Mint tea on the streetstalls, and also the restaurants of Jordan as it tastes amazing.

Below are a few more Jordanian foods that you are sure to love:

  • Moutabel
  • Hummus
  • Galayet Bandora
  • Mujadara
  • Ara’yes
  • Shish Kebabs
  • Mansaf
  • Zarb

Additional Information

Jordan issues visa on arrival for Indians and other few other nationals at all border crossings. This visa is valid for 30 days from the arrival date.However, to enter the country you will be asked to show certain proofs like accommodation booking, confirmed return flight ticket, a passport valid at least for 6 months, sufficient funds, etc. After entering the country, do remember that not to point with your index finger asit is considered very rude and bad-mannered in the Middle East. Also, in some parts of the Arab world, showing thumbs up gesture is considered very offensive as the people feel that it is equal to showing the middle finger.

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