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Montenegro is a Balkan country in Southeast Europe. Tourism growth began in the 2000’s to this country and from there on the growth was significantly high year after year.Montenegrogovernment set looks to develop tourism even more and take it to new heights and they are considering this as a high priority. The tourists are flowing to enjoy Montenegro Holidaysto the maximum extent; currently,its tourism is ranked the second fastest growing across the world after China. MontenegroTouroffers a range of things to the laidback as well as curious travellers.

Montenegrooffers diverse beaches and Baltic mountains which are worth seeing. There are numerous historical monuments, churches, and monasteries which are beautiful and work exploring. Montenegro Tripwill no doubt be a trip that is unforgettable. If you need assistance from a travel agency to plan your complete trip, Cozmo travel is here! We shall help in planning and making your trip very successful. Right from air tickets booking, hotel bookings, to car rental services, visa assistance we take care of your every travel need and make your Montenegro Holidayshighlyenjoyable.


From visiting the beautiful Montenegro Attractions to experiencing the adrenaline rush water sports activities, this country will never fail to impress you. Scuba Diving and Snorkeling are must-do activities in the Adriatic Sea. It’s quite famous among tourists because it’s fun, lovely, and inexpensive at the same time. Another thrilling activity can be mountain biking, Kotor Cruise, and hiking. Without doing these activities, your Montenegro Tourmay be boring.

We have listed down the finest activities that you can do in Montenegro below. Check them out and try all of them without fail:

  • Hiking
  • Mountain Biking
  • White Water Rafting
  • Canyoning
  • Paddleboarding
  • Cycling
  • Kotor Cruise
  • Snorkeling
  • Scuba Diving

Major Attractions

Speaking of the Montenegro Attractions,thestunningbeaches, lively mountains, historic towns will always entice a large number of tourists every year. The Kotor Old Town is a must visit place in the country. The Kotor’s architecture replicates the several empires that ruled the place. Do visit Budva, which is a charming old town with several beaches and cultural institutions. Enjoy the nightlife here and make your Montenegro Triptreasured for a lifetime.

Here are a few lovely places that you must visit in your trip:

  • Boka Bay
  • Ostrog Monastery
  • Jaz Beach
  • Kotor Old Town
  • Lovcen National Park
  • Cathedral of Saint Tryphon
  • Lady of the Rocks
  • Sveti Stefan
  • Perast
  • Budva

Must try foods

Your Montenegro Tourwill be incredibly amazing just because of the diverse food kinds available here. The delectable flavoured traditional cuisine will impress you to the fullest. Especially the seafood is enjoyed by the tourists to a great extent. Besides that, the local food such as Kacamak, Borek,and Cevapiare the must-try ones among the many. What makes it more exciting is the process of preparation which is very distinctive.

For your convenience, we a listed below a few dishes that you must not miss in your Montenegro Holidays:

  • Njeguski Steak
  • Octopus Salad
  • Calamari And Squid
  • Buzara
  • Black Risotto
  • Cevapi
  • Kacamak
  • Borek

Additional Information

To enjoy visiting thefamous attractions in your Montenegro Trip, you must first get a visa to enter the country. Nationals of few countries don’t need a visa (list available online) to stay for up to 90 days; while nationals of few other countries can stay only up to 30 days if and only if they have a valid visa of the USA, Republic of Ireland, United Kingdom, Schengen visa, andNorthern Ireland. Indian nationals must have to acquire a visa to enter the country.

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