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Kenya is a country in East Africa. Revenue through tourism is the second largest after agriculture in this country. Kenya’s economy has seen significantly grown with a solid performance in tourism; also they have seen a rise in their GDP with their expansion in tourism, and a few other sectors. Kenya Tripoffers arippling landscape of Africa which attracts many tourists every year.Right from the tropical rainforest, desert backwoods, to the well-renowned countryside reserves, and sophisticated Gatamaiyu river area, everything has their unique beauty which will make your Kenya Holidaysdelightful.

As Kenya lies on the east side of Africa, it shares the shoreline with the Indian Ocean, which makes it a fabulous location comprising of several mountain hilltops, vivid rift valleys, and Lakelands. If you are looking to plan your Kenya Touranytime soon, get in touch with a professional travel agency like Cozmo travel, so that all your travel needs are well taken care of. We shall help you make your Kenya Holidayshassle-free by offering a range of services in advance, and we also assure that yourtravel will be highly comfortable and smooth at the same time.


There are a number of activities that you can do in this country. Walk through the streets of Lamu which is a UNESCO world heritage city. It’s the preciseplace tofeel their unique culture. Did you know that there are no cars allowed into Lamu city? Yes! The primary means of transport is the donkeys. Cycling, camping, Jungle Safari, and shopping are the other major activities that you can do in your Kenya Tour.

We have compiled a few activities that are a must-do in your Kenya Trip:

  • Camping
  • Photo Safari through 19 National parks
  • Jungle Safari
  • Hike Mount Kenya
  • Wander the Streets of Lamu
  • Shopping at Nairobi
  • Sunset Cruise on Lake Naivasha
  • Cycling at Hells Gate National Park

Major Attractions

Kenya Holidayswill give you many things to enjoy. You can feel the ultimate experience of safari, adventures of hiking, relaxing on the white sand beaches, visiting the heritage sites, etc. Kenya has it all and that too available at fewer prices.The parks, cities, museums, coffee plantations are the major Kenya Attractionsone shouldn’t miss.

We have listed below a few beautiful places to make it easy for you. Don’t forget to visit them all.

  • Nairobi National Park
  • National Museums of Kenya
  • Fort Jesus
  • Giraffe Centre
  • Mount Kenya National Park
  • Beautiful Coffee Plantations at Thika
  • Maasai Mara
  • Nakuru City
  • Lamu Island

Must try foods

Kenya cuisine has its distinctive persona which comes with the use of local ingredients and native spices available there. Your Kenya Tourwill no doubt be scrumptioustasting the diverse flavours prepared using various methods. Kenyan Stew is a must-try item along with Mursik, which is a traditional fermented variant of milk for the Kalenjin people in the country.You are sure to feel the cultural heritage of Kenya through their delicious dishes.

Here is a list of the best Kenyan favourites you can try in your Kenya Trip:

  • Mandazi
  • Githeri
  • Kenyan Stew
  • Mursik
  • Nyama Choma
  • Mutura
  • Wali wa Nazi
  • Kenyan Pilau
  • Matoke

Additional Information

Visa on arrival is available and tourists can get it to enjoy their Kenya Holidaysand stay for a period of 90 days. Kenya announced the e-visa system in 2015, where an application is filled 7 days prior and tourists can get it to stay for a period of 90 days. Visa isn’t needed for diplomatic passports of India. Citizens of few countries can get a visa online but the application is stated to the director of Immigration services for approval.

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